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Get your membership and become part of our team! Are you already part of ARA? Well, that’s awesome! here’s how you can renew your yearly membership.

*Only valid for members of Mond Op asbl and Ara International asbl – new and renewing members of Graffiti asbl should get in touch with us directly via email

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Dear ARA radio makers!
As you well know, freedom doesn’t come for free! As an independent community media, ARA needs the support of its volunteers to play a key role in our society. Membership is the first step to support the activities of our radio.
Whether you participate once a while or regularly in the shows of Ara International, or Mond Op, you must possess a valid membership to be able to broadcast and be covered in case of unpleasant events.
If you haven’t renewed your membership for the year 2022, we kindly remind you to do this as soon as possible, so that we can send you the new member card for this year. This gives you access to all our facilities and equipment, social and website, including the participation in our events.
We kindly ask you to select the correct and status you belong to in the form below. Thanks.
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Offline Payments can be done via:

  • PAYMENT ON SITE: directly to our staff
    • Mond Op asbl - Membership 2022
      LU47 1111 1060 8362 0000 - CCPLLULL
    • Ara International asbl - Membership 2022
      LU58 0019 5855 7426 20000 - BCEELULL

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