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Published on 11/06/2022 12:00 am

Darkside – Guitar Voodoo

Midnight Savari – Grand Delusion

Niklas Wandt – I Wandt To Believe

My Friend Dario – Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night

Sextile – Contortion

Golden Teacher – Divine

Ela Minus – Megapunk

Peaking Lights – Peace

Ofofo – Unlock the Future

Tru Tones – I Just Can’t Reach You

Saâda Bonaire – 7th House

Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun

Goat – Run To Your Mama

The Cramps – Primitive

The Vanduras – La Planche

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With : Alex Kruglov Every second Sunday of the month at 00:00

I play favourite tracks from past and present in various styles ranging from early house and techno to post-punk and indie rock through reggae/dub, …

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Other Music #11