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Published on 12/12/2021 12:00 am


La Guardia De La Luz – A Starfish Named Acid
Feel Fly – Esperanto
Khruangbin & Quantic – Pelota (Cut a Rug Mix)
Ivan -Mamão- Conti & Grassmass – A Mina
Paresse – Temple
Zombies in Miami – Laser Cat
Donny Benét – One Night In Paradise
Alice Hubble – Hexentanzplatz
Public Practice – Cities
Calibro 35 – Glory-Fake-Nation
Leslie Winer – Tree
Sparkle Division – For Gato
Insides – Ghost Music
The Primitive Painter – Levitation

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With : Alex Kruglov Every second Sunday of the month at 00:00

I play favourite tracks from past and present in various styles ranging from early house and techno to post-punk and indie rock through reggae/dub, …

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