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Published on 28/05/2021 1:30 am

Fran and Babs are joined by a special guest, the multi-talented Matt Hoss: comedian, podcaster, Twitcher, author and lover of HAIR METAL! Matt became enamoured with hair metal – or is it glam rock? – as a teenager, and still holds a torch for the genre.

In this episode, he tries to convince us Skid Row should definitely be more famous (even though they’re problematic, which we also discuss) and joins Fran & Babs in having a cathartic rant and tour through the worst of Bon Jovi’s back catalogue (we apologise in advance, Bon Jovi fans)…

The playlist for this episode, which includes all songs picked by Matt plus bonus ones from other artists discussed during the episode, is available on Spotify – search for ‘Over/underrated – Ep 10: Hair Metal: Bon Jovi (Overrated) & Skid Row (Underrated) – with Matt Hoss’.

Episode 10 – Hair Metal: Bon Jovi (Overrated) & Skid Row (Underrated) – with Matt Hoss