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Published on 23/04/2021 1:00 am

Fran is questioning whether Fatboy Slim deserves so much praise – he hasn’t released that many new tunes recently – while Babs wants Blood Red Shoes to receive more accolades, especially from British rock fans…

The playlist for this episode, which includes all songs picked by Fran and Babs plus bonus ones from other artists discussed during the episode, is available on Spotify – search for ‘Over/underrated – Ep 5: Brighton, Fatboy Slim (Overrated) & Blood Red Shoes (Underrated)’.

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Do you believe the hype? Fran (living in the UK) & Babs (based in Belgium) talk about bands and artists potentially given undue credit & musicians who …

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Episode 5 – Brighton: Fatboy Slim (Overrated) & Blood Red Shoes (Underrated)