Published on 22/06/2022 9:40 am

This week, Ara City Radio is all about the situation of refugees in Luxembourg. We’ve joint forces with Letz Rise Up and Passerell this week. On Local Matters, we had Ali Ghamdan on our microphone. Ali came to Luxembourg three years ago, as a refugee from Yemen. He told us how he experienced being a refugee living in a foyer, and what he thinks needs to change. “I am very grateful that I can be in Luxembourg. You can learn the languages. The government pays food for asylum seekers, but why don’t they open some doors? Through volunteering work. In the camps, people don’t do anything, and that creates tensions. You have language classes one hour per day, and you sleep 23 hours. I searched for a volunteering job, anything, even just carry something, to give something back to society, but everyone told me, I’d have to speak the languages first.”

Today, Ali lives with a Luxembourgish family, he has a job with the association EDIF that helps refugees working on their professional skills. Find out how Ali managed to get there in our interview on Local Matters.

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Local Matters: Being a refugee in Luxembourg