Published on 22/02/2022 9:35 am

The European capital of Culture Esch2022 is going to celebrate the big opening this weekend. The stages are being installed, the spotlight goes to the city centre of Esch and Belval. Meanwhile, in the background, loads of preparations have already been going on for quite a while. Artists conceptualise their projects, rehearse and install their works and new cultural centres are built. Not only in Esch, but also in the eighteen other southern municipalities that are part of the Esch2022-region.

In Rumelange, right next to the French border, the new cultural infrastructure Albert-Hames-Haus shall boost the creative scene and tourism. “Rumelange has been in social, economic and cultural decline for over a hundred years. Along with the metal and mining industry, the social and cultural life in the city went down”, explains Remo Bei, project leader for Rëm.xx, Rumelange’s contribution to Esch2022.

So far, the Albert-Hames-Haus is only a construction site. The cultural hub is supposed to open its doors for artists, citizens and tourists in November. The house belonged to Albert Hames, a sculptor from Rumelange whose works are visible in the whole country. “Many people don’t know who he was, even if they pass by his works every day”, Remo Bei says. One of his artworks decorates the main hall of the Luxembourg train station.

A few years ago, the municipality bought the house and searched for a way of valorizing Albert Hames’ legacy. Through Esch2022 and the Rëm.xx project, they’ve found a new purpose. Once the renovation works are finished, visitors can book a room in the house to get an exclusive view on Hames’ conserved atelier. The new part of the building will offer ateliers for artists, spaces for cocreation and for workshops on digital culture and technology.

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Local Matters: Esch2022 in Rumelange