Published on 02/06/2022 9:35 am

On Local Matters this week we speak about mobility. Two months ago, the city of Luxembourg presented its mobility plan for the decade to come to the public. And just as diverse as the means of transport are for the kids, they are and shall be in the future for everyone – residents, commuters, and visitors. Already today, traffic and transport is a problem in the city of Luxembourg. Projections foresee an increase of 50 percent in inhabitants by 2035.

To manage this challenge and others, the city of Luxembourg last autumn tried to engage the citizens. Nearly 8.500 people, residents in the city as well as commuters and visitors participated in the survey. The municipality wants to use the results as the base of their plans. But for many people who raised their voice during the QA after the presentation, neither the participation process nor the results were sound. During the evening, the municipality’s mobility department presented only vague ideas and some results of the survey that are long known: people do not feel safe enough while cycling, car traffic in rush hours is slow, many people walk, cycle or take the individual car for longer distances. As predictable as the answers were, as little and vague are the presented ambitions of the municipality, complain the people present at the public reunion. Some used the opportunity to demand more action from the municipality: The mobility plans should not again adapt everything to the needs of cardrivers. So far, the plan is not a paradigm change.


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Local Matters: Foture mobility in the city of Luxembourg