Published on 09/02/2022 9:35 am

This week on Local Matters, we take a trip to Esch-sur-Alzette. We are not yet going to talk about the cultural capital that kicks off in the end of this month, but ACR has a new frequency in the south, 87,8. And we are having a look at what moves the inhabitants in our new broadcasting region.

For Sara Bolliri and her husband Serge Daniel Kabore, the last year was busy. They came back from Burkina Faso, moved in with Sara’s parents in Ehlerange, rented a shop in Rue de l’Alzette where they sell handmade goods, decoration articles and furniture from Africa. Then, they started looking for a house. “It’s not normal to still be living with our parents. We’re more than thirty years old. But don’t have the means really to move out.”

For Sara and Serge, last year has been stressful. The quickly noted that buying a house in Esch or anywhere in Luxembourg was impossible with a budget of 500.000 euros. “We said ok, let’s be realistic, let’s find something that we need and not something that we really want.” With the help of Sara’s parents, they finally got a flat in the centre of Esch, close to their new shop. “It is not easy to admit that you still need the help of your parents”, she says.

The city of Esch is facing a housing crisis that will soon deteriorate. To date, around 37.000 inhabitants live in Esch. According to statistical projections, the number of inhabitants is going to increase by another 15.000 to 20.000 until 2040. To cope with the increasing numbers of young families in need of affordable housing, the municipality built the new residential area Nonnewisen, near the district of Lallange, together with the Fonds de Logement and private companies. 36 houses are going to be finished this year, with prices between 675.000 and 800.000 euros. The apartments cost between 374.000 and 610.000 Euros. The allocation works according to a point-system. Younger people get more points than older, families with children more those without. With the “Bail emphythéotique”, a particular leasing contract, the municipality remains the owner of the property. After 99 years, or earlier, if the occupants want to sell, the municipality pays back the current market price. This is one of the planned projects to house all the current and future inhabitants. For Sara and Serge, this solution came too late. Those who are still looking for a house to buy and interested in the project, can send their request to


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Local Matters goes South: Housing in Esch