Published on 08/02/2022 9:35 am

Radio Ara has a new frequency, 87,8, to cover your radio speakers in the south of the country. And for those who still think the south was no-man’s-land, on Local Matters this week, we take a trip. We took our microphone, our recorder, took the train and went right to Esch. We discovered the new creative hub Bâtiment4.

In December, Bâtiment4 opened its doors. The former ArcelorMittal administration building between Esch/Alzette and Schifflange is the new creative hub in the south of the country. Grégoire Rossitto is responsible for Batiment4 that provides a home to homeless artists who want to pe part of a community – a “Tiers lieu culturel”. “The concept comes from an American author. A third cultural place is the place between the workplace and home. When you finished work, there is still something to do for yourself, for society or for the community.” At Bâtiment, artists and other creative folk come together, share a house and exchange ideas and workforce. Several Luxembourgish artists, collectives and associations have a permanent atelier in Bâtiment4.

Artists who want to make themselves a home in Bâtiment4, don’t pay rent, but a certain degree of commitment to the project and the community is expected.

The associations here offer workshops, for instance we have the collective Hariko, everyone between 12 and 26 years old can come to learn painting, sewing, singing or dancing, we also have yoga classes.” The workshops shall be affordable for everyone and not an income for the artists. Bâtiment4 wants to involve the neighborhood and the citizens of Esch in the creation processes and in decision-making on the future of the project are taken together with artists and with neighbors.

For “Local Matters”, Grégoire gave us a tour in the building, opening every door and discovering what the residents are creating.


Get to know Bâtiment4 on their Instagram account @_batiment4_ or on their website

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Local Matters goes South: The Bâtiment4 in Esch