Published on 03/03/2022 9:35 am

On local matters this week, we focus on kids who grow up in a children’s home instead of a family environment. Their start in life was marked by challenges and traumas that make live difficult, even after childhood. Many lack the financial means to rent a room or to study, because there is no family supporting them. Once they are 18 years old, they can decide for themselves where to live and what to do. Some might go back to their family, try to live together again and others might find an opportunity to move in a shared flat with a friend. Others would stay in the children’s home even after turning 18. Until they are 26 years old, the government still has the responsibility to help them adjust in life. Others make their life in a community for assisted living, such as Anne-Catherine Raach. She grew up in a children’s home in Sandweiler. When she turned 18, she left the children’s home. In assisted living, she shares a flat, everyone has his and her own room, social workers help her manage her life. “The worker comes twice a week, on appointment, to check if everything is alright, how are you feeling, do you have any appointments”, she explains.

Anne-Catherine finishes school now, prepares for a degree in commerce and administration. One day, she wants to become a teacher. Managing life is still a challenge for her. “They didn’t teach us how to manage our money. You didn’t have to buy your own clothes, they bought them for you. You didn’t have to buy your own food, do your laundry.” In our interview, Annie tells us what other challenges she has encountered growing up in a children’s home.

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Local Matters: Growing up in a children’s home