Habesha Show

With : Redwan
Every second Tuesday at 13.20

Habesha Show is hosted by Redwan and friends. Relatively new to Luxembourg from Eritrea, Redwan joined the Radio ARA team in the first days of the national lock-down in 2020. As the country tried to understand what was happening in the Covid-19 pandemic, Redwan was one of a group of volunteers who came forward to translate the daily news into Tigrinya language, for his community, making sure everyone had a real understanding of what was happening.The idea for a community show grew from this.

Redwan will present tips and information to new residents from about important matters such as education, language classes, employment, housing, the health service, the school system. However, the show is aimed at all Tigrinya language speakers in Luxembourg, and will also share music and culture from the Tigrinya speaking community in Luxembourg.

Local and international music will make Luxembourg airwaves just that bit more colorful.

Habesha Show is supported by Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte



Habesha Show