Have you ever wondered how we can broadcast every day… 24h/7?

Radio ARA is a microcosm of people with different skills and abilities that work together to create a high quality citizen’s public service.

If you are interested in media, Radio ARA and Graffiti organize workshops and training for radio beginners. Training  sessions teaches the basics of radio production with some editing, technical and journalistic skills.  Workshops are aimed to improve the quality of your project with specific knowledge and practical test.

We also offer the chance for the technology savvy to volunteer: it would never be possible to broadcast on our frequencies without a team of competent technicians. Our studios, made of mixing boards, cables, plugs, buttons, switches and so on’ have a constant need of maintenance, in order to maintain  a high level of quality.

Also, Radio ARA organizes many live events outside the studio that require many different skills and that will make you experience radio in a different way.

Are you interested in participating? – Your help can make the difference!

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